About to upgrade to Sibelius 7

Hey everyone!

I was just notified that the school I work for will be purchasing an upgrade for me to Sibelius 7.  I'm curious if there are any known issues with VDL and Sibelius 7. 

I'm currently running:
Sibelius 6
VDL 2.5.2

My system is:

Once I install the upgrade to Sibelius 7, will I need to do anything to have VDL plugged in and ready to use?  Or will I need to take extra steps to make sure all is plugged in correctly.

Also, will the Perc Score Template 2010 file I use work?  Or do I need to purchase a new one from Tapspace?

Thanks for the help guys!!

Hi Brian,

You should be pretty well set. The one thing you WILL want to do is update your Kontakt Player to version 5. Running that in Sibelius 7.1+ will give you the most bang for your buck memory-wise and VDL will work fine.

We don't do any sort of template development anymore, so you may want to direct that question to the folks who are doing that now over at [url=http://www.thewritescore.com]The Write Score[/url].

Enjoy your new goodies!
Thanks for the response Jim!

I have my upgrade ready to install.  I'll be able to devote time to that later tonight.  One last question.

Tp update my Kontakt player, do I need to purchase software?  Or is it simply a ";check for update"; kind of thing?


Thanks Hugh!!!
Just wanted to say thanks to Hugh and Jim for the help. I've upgraded to Sibelius 7 and my VDL Library is in full effect.

Thanks fellas!!!!

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