Vertical Alignment

I have read many different approaches and techniques for vertically aligning your pit, drumline and band...but I thought I would ask some of the ";pros"; here on the forum how they approach vertical alignment throughout the marching percussion ensemble and the wind section.

Is the question too vague?  I hope it isn't...I have a little bit of trouble from time to time writing out what I am actually thinking....I guess I could use a little bit of vertical alignment myself...haha

Thanks in advance for any input...I hope to read a lot of responses!

Ricky Morrow
Hi Ricky,

In the most general terms, it's all about defining where people are dutting, listening, and watching. It would be wise to set aside rehearsal time early on in the season to define those relationships on the field, so each kid knows his or her responsibilities and how they relate to the rest of the ensemble. There's a great section on this in the DVD ";In The Mix"; by Mike McIntosh: That's a link to a teaser video where they define techniques for addressing ensemble timing issues.
The Mike McIntosh dvd mentioned by Bryan is STELLAR!!!  Get it now!  It not only discusses your question but also goes into TONS of other things.  GREAT resource!
I agree with Dave on this -- the McIntosh video is AWESOME about this very topic -- lots of detailed information.  Well worth the price (great electronics stuff too).
Totally agree on Mac's video. Great Stuff!

I read this article a number of years ago and as my music rehearsal responsibilities expanded to the larger ensemble and lining everything up, it remained relevant:

I found that the section where Jim Ancona talks about standing in the ";hot spot"; behind the pit, while watching the drum major has been some of the best advice I've ever read/heard. That helped more than most times I ever spent in the tower. (Especially if you have someone who can be in the tower to monitor the visual package as well as the balance/blend of the musical element.)

My favorite part of standing in the ";hot spot"; was the ";oh crap"; look I'd always get from the drum major!
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