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Hey there party people, and the place to be-

I have a question that perhaps one of you knowledgeable and good looking folks could help me out with.

It seems as if our visual score has flatlined completely this season.

When my team first went out, around week 4 of January, we popped a score..let's say a 16.
Show was incomplete visually; about 3/4 of it done.
Two weeks later we go out with a finished show. Granted new visual wasn't super clean, but the kids achieved the old and were verbally credited for their work. The score went up a tenth.
We are getting reads from the adjudicators that are very positive and appreciative of the skill sets the kids have achieved.
(kids are a low tier A group that did standstill last season. The visual package is decent. I had an experienced writer chart it out)

Now, in the subsequent weeks we've been cleaning and dialing in..only to be creeping up the visual box by very small tenths.
Our PA and GE scores are doing really well for the kids. The kids are achieving and performing well.

My question is this: in the remaining three weeks of the season do I try to inflate the PA and GE to buffer the visual score, or do I keep pushing on visual and just hope it pays off?

Either way, it's a gamble.

Oh, and I'm a one man show. I'm doing music, tech and vis myself.

Any advice?

You have my sincerest thanks for any input,



Without seeing the show or even knowing what area of the country you live. . . I'll say this:

Towards the end of a season especially about 3 weeks out you need to have a fresh set of eyes come and give you some pointers and or design ideas. Standing in front of the same thing and or having written it yourself you can become married to many things that are not good for what you are trying to accomplish.

I've gone as far as bringing in someone who had never seen the activity before but I knew was a very creative person that loved music and had been around band before. Your call. . .

If you have other pros in the activity in the area then make some calls.

The hardest part throughout the entire is process is DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THE NUMBERS. While the numbers do say something about your performance they do no say everything about the journey and what it means to your students.

Hope that helps. 
Hey, thanks!

That was my thought as well. I have the drill writer making the haul down on my dime.
Figured fresh eyes, better attention to the lower body than myself.

Pageantry is hard doing it by yourself. Half of the season, I had to use the judges to read anything new to make sure it was worth keeping.

To put your mind at ease after March, the kids are forbidden to discuss score. The ";performance and journey"; are the reward.
Besides, in our level the first half of the season is primarily an evaluation and reward for design.

Thank you for your input!

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