Unable to load VDL sounset 7.0

I just upgraded to Sibelius 7 and purchased the VDL template from The Write Score. I've followed the instructions on the readme and placed the VDL_sounset_7.0.xml file in the correct directory. When I go to playback configuration however, VDL soundset is not showing up as an option. I have activated an instance of Kontakt player 5.

Does this have anything to do with 64 bit vs. 32 bit? What is the default mode for Kontakt player 5?

Looking forward to being up and running again...thanks for your help!
If you have an instance of KP5 activated, you're good there as far as bit versioning.

What sound sets do you see in the drop down list?
Here are the sound sets in the drop down list for Kontakt 5. Last Kontakt player I had was 2 so all of these are pretty foreign to me! Thanks.

General MIDI
General MIDI 2
Roland JV-1080 Orch
Roland JV-1080
Roland SC-88 Pro
Roland SC-88
Roland SC-8820
Synful Orchestra
VSL Ensemble Special Edition Plus
VSL Ensemble Special Edition
Yamaha XG
Sibelius 7.0 won't correctly recognize K5 as a ";Kontakt"; style plugin. Update to the latest version of Sibelius 7.1.2 and you should be able to correctly see your Kontakt style sound sets.
Got it! I see the sound set...and a whole lot more now. Thanks, Jim.
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