VDL Library Updater 2.5.5 released

We're pleased to announce the official release of the [url=https://www.tapspace.com/255-Library-Update-for-VDL-pr-201.html]2.5.5 Library Update for VDL[/url]. This is a paid ($15) update for existing users of VDL 2.5.

This 2.5.5 update features a completely reformatted library, designed specifically for Kontakt 4 or greater, which provides faster load times, improved memory management, and increased polyphony performance. We're also including 13 new instruments, improved/updated documentation, and numerous bug fixes. Also, existing VDL 2.5 users can now do a 'Fresh Install' of VDL without needing to run other outdated installers.

[url=https://www.tapspace.com/255-Library-Update-for-VDL-pr-201.html]Visit the product page for more details![/url]
Suggestion: the time-saving tip found in the instructions for updating existing installations of VDL to v 2.5.5 would be better placed with Step 3, not Step 5. By the time you've gotten to Step 5 the files the tip suggests not be deleted are long gone.
Thanks for the feedback, Joe. Good point. The ";update"; documentation has been changed to reflect this. Sorry for the trouble!
I thought the same thing.  Fortunately, I was able to retrieve those files from my ";recycle bin.";

Great update!
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