instrument changes in Kontakt player and Sibelius


This is Keith again and I am back with another question.  I have received a ton of help from you guys and its great, so i thought I would try my luck again.  Here is what I am working with:

Macbook Pro OS X Version 10.7.3
2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
4GB 1333MHz DDR3
Sibelius 7.1
Kontakt Player 5
VDL 2.5.5
Korg Microkey

Now for my question and this might be more of a Sibelius question, but I am not really sure.  Anyway, I have the latest template from and I loaded all my instruments into my kontakt player.  I also loaded an ";empty bank"; into the player as well.  I then loaded several aux and effect instruments into that empty bank.  My problem is that I am not quite sure how to get these instruments to playback properly in the sibelius score.  I am guessing it has something to do with the program changes, but I am not sure.  If anyone understands what I trying to describe and can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.  I have searched for a solution myself, but was not so successful.  Thanks again for all the help previously.


Hi Keith,

In Sibelius, there's no need to load the sounds in manually, if you have the sound set copied to the correct directory (as detailed in the VDL Template ReadMe file) and are using on of the pre-built Sibelius Template files from The Write Score that came in that Template package. If you have a playback configuration that has an adequate number of Kontakt Player instances loaded and you are using the Instruments (in the Instrument menu) from the -VDL Template 7.0 group of instruments, the sounds should be loading automatically. Same thing with ";Instrument Changes";; they should be loading automatically.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, what Bryan said. You can get rid of that empty bank in Kontakt Player. When you do an instrument change in Sibelius, that's all you have to do. Sibelius will take care of the correct patch loading for you. This includes the correct assignments of slots/channels.

[url=]This page[/url] has some videos you may find useful. In particular, the video on Instrument Changes. (The videos were made with Sib 5, but the information is still valid.) There's about 10 vids in that list, so it may take some time to get through them all - or just watch the one.

Thanks Bryan and Hugh.  I'll check out the the videos and work Sibelius some more.  If I have any more problems I'll check back.

Thanks again

ok, so I know this was a while ago, and since school has let out I have the summer to play with Sibelius.  I am working on this ";instrument change"; and for some reason, I can make the change, however I am not hearing the proper sound.  Any ideas?


Try moving the instrument changes' rectangular box a few pixels to the left. Sibelius has a funny way of handling unpitched instrument changes.
Hi Hugh,

Thanks a lot, that fixed my problem!

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