Changing from Gen MIDI to virtual instrument

Running Sibelius 7.1.2
Kontakt 5
MAC 10.7

I am trying to figure out how to get my percussion sounds to work on a file that was sent to me. I opened up the player and noticed all the sounds that were playing had names of instruments and the sounds that were not playing were G. MIDI. How do I change i from G. MIDI to the instrument I want to hear?
Was the file written using the VDL template?

If it wasn't, you'll need to set up a score using the VDL template, then copy paste everything over to the new score and adjust the noteheads.

Or, you can open a VDL template, save that as a house style, then in your original file, import that house style, adjust the noteheads and proceed.
The ";house style"; method Bill mentioned has always worked for me. 
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