Finale 2012 Audio File

I am trying to add a click/countoff/metronome to my file in Finale 2012. I am using the template. I have even done this before and been successful but not with Finale 2012. I can hear the metronome in playback while playing the file inside finale but when I go to File>Export to Audio File, the metronome sample is not in the recording. I have done troubleshooting with playback options ect.... Like I said, I am not sure what I am missing. I have done this before. Any help would be appreciated.
With the 2012a templates there is a single line staff for cues and timing. It is set up for no instruments but could have one of the VDL metronomes assigned to it via the Score Manager. Write in a measure of whatever subdivision you need for playback, then copy/paste for the remainder of the score. Or, change the subdivision measure as needed. Know that if there are tempo changes, do not paste in measures with different tempi as the original tempo would be copied as well. Let me know how that works out and if you have any more questions.
Thanks Ted! I can definately make that happen. I just don't remember having to do that before.
I don't add click/met tracks in Finale. Instead I use my DAW program because it's 1 less staff in Finale and I can use the Cue staff for just that, to write in comments, timing cues, drill cues, etc.
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