Cheese Playback

I'm using finale 2012.  I've written out a measure with two cheeses in it (see attached image), but they will not play back correctly.  Finale by itself with Human Playback will not play the diddles (All the rolls that I have written playback just fine...) and if I use the ";Smart Playback"; in the TG Tools plug-in it starts cutting notes out in that measure.

Any ideas or work-arounds that have been discovered for this?

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My first guess is that this has something to do with how the notes were entered/mapped, or with the audio settings in Finale. If it's an audio problem, try playing the bar back at a much slower tempo and see if it performs better. If it does, your audio interface may not be keeping up. If you can adjust the latency settings, it might help.

There's the ongoing dilemma of HP vs TG for roll/flam playback. If you have a method that normally works for you, but it's just not working on this one bar, I'm not sure what the problem may be. There may be some Finale specialists with some suggestions.
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