Help Needed! One score's sounds have gone wacky!

Hey everyone.

I have a Sibelius file that has all of a sudden stopped responding correctly to instrument changes. For example, the vibes playback as random cymbals, then an instrument change to glock is written (which plays as a glock), then even putting another instrument change to vibes after that takes it back to the cymbal sounds.

All of my other scores with an identical set-up work perfectly fine, and this score has been working perfectly fine until today. I've already tried re-importing the house style, and I also have PLENTY of Kontakt instances running, so slot-stealing isn't the issue. Any ideas? My system Specs are below.
Hi Matt

It's not a House Style issue. Sibelius has gone and given that file a bad setting, gotten mixed up as to what instrument goes to what patch, et al. This doesn't happen very often, and usually just in files that have been worked in for a while and that have a lot of instruments and instrument changes.

Assign a different Playback Configuration, hit Play. Assign the original configuration, hit Play. The idea here is to force Sibelius to do a ";reset"; of things. If that doesn't fix it, we'll have to go to plan B.

I'm having a similar issue.  Not sure whether it's a Sib. or VDL problem.

Just as I finished (of course) a score with multiple instrument changes, the battery parts defaulted to concert tom sounds and a couple of other less critical but annoying perc. sound changes happened. 

I tried switching playback configuration, hitting play and then switching back but that didn't seem to help.

I've tried to search the forum for other similar issues and re-watched Bryan's vid but may have missed the solution.

I'm using, Sib. 6.2, VDL 2.5, KP2, template 6.0a, Windows 7, 8gb ram.

I wouldn't think it was an update problem as it was working fine previously.  Most likely it is a simple issue that would resolve itself if I was more familiar with sound id, etc.

Any advice?


Hi Kent,

Not sure, but this almost sounds like you might have some hidden instrument change text that might be affecting those staves. If you ";Show Hidden Items"; and look through the affected staves, so you see any signs of hidden text that might be the culprit?

Also, when you switched to a new playback config, before switching back, did it play correctly?

Addendum to my previous post:

I tried to copy my battery parts to 3 new, additional battery staves and then I could see it load the correct instruments, thus playing correctly, unless I deleted either of the two sets of battery staves.  Then whichever one was left over reverted to Concert Toms.

If I leave BOTH sets of battery staves in the score, my Cymbal Rack Combo also switches to Concert Toms. Strange! 

In (Sib. 6) the mixer, it says I have the correct patches. 
I have ";Show Hidden Objects"; switched on and don't see anything unusual.

I just switched to a Sib. sound configuration and then back, so I knew it wouldn't sound correctly before switching back.

Thanks in advance!
Hmmm...couple things to try (separately, not combined):

1. Try creating a new Playback Config in your current file with KP/VDL instruments and see if the playback behaves correctly. If it did, that would tell us something weird was happening in your existing Playback configuration.

2. Copy the music from one of the affected staves into a brand new Sib 6 template file with the same instrument configured. See if that plays back correctly. If so, then somehow the original Sib file has had something introduced that is causing the behavior.

3. Attach your file here and I'll see if I can reproduce the behavior on my end.
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