Finale 2011 file playback on 2012

Ok guys, hopefully someone else has experienced this already and knows how to help.

I have a couple of 2011 finale/vdl files that I am trying to edit in finale 2012. I am not getting any sound when I enter notes or try to playback the file. I have made sure that the midi maps are lined up correctly and everything. I am sure this is simple but I can't seem to figure it out. Any ideas on what else I should check? Thanks in advance for your help.

Simple solution first, are the instruments loaded into Kontakt/KP? Do you have playback thru AU/VST checked? Are you using the midi maps and layouts from the 2011 templates? Speakers/audio card turned on and volume up? The last one isn't meant to imply ignorance, just thinking of the little things I sometimes forget.
The third thing you mentioned could be the problem. The files I am trying to use are done with the 2011 templates but I am not sure about the midi maps. I will check that.
Ok. See my pm response. You'll need to copy the 2011 XML files. The ReadMe for the 2012 templates will tell you where to place them.
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