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I could some help again and I have gotten great help previously, so here I am once again.  Here is what I am working with:

Mac OS X Version 10.7.4
2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Sibelius 7.1
Kontakt Player 5
VDL 2.5.5
Korg Microkey

So, my dilemma is that I am currently starting to work on this years marching band score for the school that I work for.  I received the score from the composer/arranger.  He wrote the score using Sib.6 and I have Sib 7.  I would like to add VDL instruments to the score, however when I select the ";add instruments"; I do not see the option to add the VDL instruments to the score.  Is there a way to do this?  Also, is there a way to merge the VDL template another score?  Any help would be greatly appreciate it. 


Hi Keith,

If you have a copy of any of the Post-Sibelius 5 VDL Templates, you can import those House Styles to non-VDL Sibelius notation files. Check out the ReadMe that came with your template for detailed instructions on how to accomplish that.

Good luck!
Hello Bryan,

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I do not have any of the post-Sibelius 5 templates.  So is there no way to add VDL instruments to a regular score?


You can either paste the wind arranger's music into your template (after you've created corresponding wind staves in your template), or import the house style from your template into the wind score and work from there.
Keith, I would recommend you pick up the most recent copy of the Sibelius 7 VDL Template here:

This would be the best time to get it, since you'd get a discounted price through the end of May. Once you pick that up, check out the ReadMe and read the section about Importing House Styles. I believe it's in of the appendices in the back of the document.
[quote author=Tapspace link=topic=4376.msg22913#msg22913 date=1337894505]
You can either paste the wind arranger's music into your template (after you've created corresponding wind staves in your template)...
This may be the best method for what you have already.

The Readme is also available to download for free from the [url=]VDL Template[/url] product page.

Keith, what version of Sibelius were you using before Sib 7?
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the responses.  I was using Finale before, so I am a Sibelius switch and I recently received an email informing me of the latest update for the VDL template from  I'll check out the solutions below and report back to you guys.  Thanks for the information.

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