Not getting tenor shots or rim sounds

PC Windows 7
Sibelius 7
Kontakt 5
VDL 2.5
Sib VDL Template 7.0a

I am not getting any sounds when I enter tenor shots. The notes look correct but there is no sound. I have changed the noteheads to dreads and rods and I get sounds, but when I change them to rims or shots, nothing.
Double check that you have ";[b]VDL SoundSet 7.0a[/b]"; assigned to any and all instances of Kontakt Player in your Playback Configuration. Any other sound set will give you mixed results at best.
Thanks Hugh,

When I go to Playback Devices, under Active Devices the Kontakt player sound set is set to VDL SoundSet 7.0a. Is there another place where I need to assign that sound set? Perhaps in the Kontakt Player itself? I was having all kinds of sound problems before I got the sound set right in the playback devices menu. Now they all seem to be working correctly except these tenor shots and rims.
Are you running VDL 2.5.5? If not, get it [url=]here[/url].

2.5.5 gives us the ability to use the shot/dread/rod/rim sounds in almost any combination. In order to achieve this though, the shot and rim sounds are now triggered on different octaves.
OK, I got the update and now everything seems to be working correctly. Thanks so much for help!

If you haven't read them, here are the [url=]Sibelius Templates change logs[/url].
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