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I wasn't able to find this on any other thread here on the forums, but I've recently found a way to improve your accents in Sibelius 5.

As many of us already know, the default accents work well for wind parts, but when writing a percussion part we need the accents to come out a little stronger. Here are the steps you can take:

[b]1. Select all the bars of percussion throughout the piece.[/b] This can be done clicking on the first bar of the top percussion instrument on your score and then Shift+Click on the last bar of the bottom percussion instrument. This also works for doing single bars, lines, instruments, etc.

[b]2. Select only the accented notes.[/b] You [i]could[/i] go through the whole piece and individually click each and every accented note, but here's a MUCH easier way: Once all the bars are selected go to Edit-> Filter-> Advanced Filter. Here you will see a series of note articulations on the right side that you can select in order to highlight only accented, or staccato, or whatever note type you need. Then just click Select.

[b]3. Make your accents louder. [/b]Now that only your accented notes are selected bring up the properties menu and look under Playback. Check the Live Velocity box and set it to somewhere between 110-127. The default for normal notes is 80, so this usually gives good contrast. If you need to also bring your unaccented notes down, do steps 1 and 2 but instead push Deselect for all the accented notes. Then set those notes' Live Velocity to anywhere below 80. Usually between 75-90 works pretty well though.

That's it! I prefer writing the majority of the piece out to near-finished status before I do this step, but you can do it over and over as you go.

I was directed to this post from a fellow VDL user who also uses Sibelius. Is there a way to do something similar in Finale? I'm using Finale 2012.
wow thanks man
You can change the velocity of accents in a score easily using the Articulation Designer.
-Click on the Articulation Tool
-Double click on any note to open up the Articulation Selection Box
-Click on the accent articulation in the matrix
-Click Edit (this brings up the Articulation Designer)
-Go to the Playback Effect portion of the design box and set the value for accents (default is 125% velocity for that note)

This should change the playback effect of ALL accents in that score.  If you wanted to have a variety of accent velocities (and I have tried this) you can try to duplicate the acccent articulation (click on the duplicate button in the Articulation Selection Box) and set the duplicate to a different velocity value.  I'd also assign the duplicate a metatool shortcut so you can insert it easily in the score.  As I said, I haven't tried the duplication approach but if you do. let me know how it works. 

Good luck!
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