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Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well. I have a quick question. I have a registered copy of VDL but I can not find the CD that came in the box. How can I get a replacement CD so I can installed VDL on my computer again? I've been having problems with VDL not being able to find some files so I want to start all over again. Thanks for your help.
Hi there,

We can set up a replacement disc for you for $15 + shipping. Send an email to with your VDL 2.5 serial number and we can definitely get you going with that.

FYI, a brand new update was just released���version 2.5.5���that includes new instruments, a refined user guide, bug fixes, and a vastly improved installation. It's only $15 for registered users of VDL 2.5, and is a download rather than a shippable product. This would be the cheaper, better option for you I think. You can read up on it here:

Hope this helps!
Thanks Murray for the quick response. So all I need to do is just download the new 2.5.5 download and get everything I had plus whats new? If that's the case I will go with that option instead of the new CD option. Thanks.
Actually I misspoke. You would in fact need your original disc to perform a fresh install of this update. So either way, you'll need a disc. Sorry for misleading here��_I think I need more coffee!

Feel free to email me at to set up the replacement.
You are okay. Thanks I'm emailing you now.
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