Sounds went screwy!?

I was just finishing a large project and my sounds went screwy. My battery is only playing half the notes, and instrument changes are acting weird. Quite honestly nothing has been stable since upgrading to sib. 7 and switching to the Write Score Templates. I just got everything working and pretty functional then....DISASTER.... I need to make mp3's and get this music out.

Everything started as I was trying to add some sus. cymbal rolls and effects in the vibes and marimbas. The mapping went screwy and i was getting no playback.. all of a sudden my battery stuff that was playing back beautifully started skipping notes.

please help?

Ray Ulibarri
Hi Ray

The AU bit was not specifically meant to fix the problem you're having. Just wanted to let you know that that was a recommended setting for Mac users.

Check in the Mixer to see if you can tell if Sibelius is loading the correct patches or not. Attach a screen shot of what you see.

Also, there are [url=]template updates available[/url] - if you didn't already know.
Thanks Hugh!

Switched to the AU plugins. Problems are still happening.

The Template I am using is VDL 7.0

Exactly which version(s) of which template(s) are you using?

In the image you placed in the PDF you attached, I see you are using the VST plugin versions of Kontakt Player. Since you're on a Mac, it is recommended that users choose the AU version of the KP plugins.

I am consulting The Write Score stuff immediately. Tried the experiment and no luck.

My playback configuration was originally working with Sibelius essentials and Kontakt 5 with the merged 7.0 sound set. My keyboard sounds are unaffected unless I have used an instrument change to sus. cym. The cymbals sounds were always wrong. I would get muted roll release when entering a regular crescendo.

The racks are now playing different instruments and my battery only plays the right hand. I have attached screen shots of my activated devices and the house style dialogue box. I am running three instances of vdl as I have a large front ensemble... I haven't had issues in the past (multiple instances) as i have ample RAM and the VDL samples are run from an external high speed hard drive.

I also apologize about not being as objective as possible, but it is frustrating when you have invested so much time on a project. Add to that the cost of investing financially in new templates and upgraded software. Re-Reading my old post I can see how frustration clouded the issue and for this I am sorry.

Ray Ulibarri
Hi Ray. Sorry to hear your Sibelius score hasn't been functioning properly. I've been hearing about some strange behaviors in how Sibelius 7.1.2 is dealing with sound sets. By any chance are you also running the Sibelius sounds library in conjunction with Kontakt? Do you get the same results if you try (for experimentation's sake) removing the Sibelius player?

I'm sure this is frustrating. It'll probably be helpful in finding a possible if you can describe the problem in more objective detail. It's hard to know what you mean when you say the mapping went screwy. I'd definitely recommend you check in with The Write Score since the issue is actually related to the Sibelius sound set or score, and not actually VDL itself.

Sounds like adding sus cym rolls may have affected something. Are you talking about sus cym effects for your vibe/marimba staves, or actual vibe/marimba effects? If you removed these parts (on a test score) then try again, do you experience different results?

Unfortunately, you may have to do a little sleuthing to figure out what may have happened in your file. I'm sure there's an explanation for it.
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