8 person bass line instrument?


It has been a few years now.  Are we any closer to having an 8-person bass line instrument in VDL?

Does anyone have an suggestions or progress reports on this idea? I could use at least 7 drums for my work.

I would be interested to hear how others accomplish this.

Glen, the latest version of VDL (2.5.5) includes 10-Drum BassLine instruments. I believe the most current templates from The Write Score (http://www.thewritescore.com) also have these instruments added to their mappings.
... and that would include:

  [url=http://www.thewritescore.com/finale-vdl-template-2012.html]Finale VDL Template 2012a.1[/url]
  [url=http://www.thewritescore.com/sibelius-vdl-template-70.html]Sibelius VDL Template 7.0a[/url]

Glen, what software are you using these days?
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