Sib. 6.1 VDL 2.5 cymbal and bowed vibe questions


I have a few issues...

1. For whatever reason, only the default note head on my cymbal staff makes any kind of sound. When I try to use different heads to get different effects (cymbal scratch, for example), there is no playback.

2. Also, how do I get a bowed vibe sound?

Not sure about the cymbals, but there's a separate ";Bowed Vibes"; instrument
Awesome. Thanks!
Skelley - if you're using a template from The Write Score, you may want to check the documentation that came with your template package. That should show all specific noteheads and what sounds they create. If you're still stuck, contact them for assistance.

If you're not using a TWS template, you may have to map this stuff yourself (in your notation program) or consider picking up a template from The Write Score.
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