Sib. 6 VDL 2.5 DB and Timp rolls

Greetings, Forum....

Can anybody tell me why my drums go really soft on rolls, such as bass drum and tympani? How can I fix this?
Okay, thanks. All the insight is great. Please keep it coming!!! :D
I think it defaults to a velocity around 60 so it sounds more realistic (I could be wrong) but you can edit the velocity of individual or groups of notes with Play - Live Playback - Transform (on Sib 7) it might be Play > Transform Live Playback on Sib 6.

You might find more info at the sibelius forum
I'll try it a try...
Do you know which [url=]version[/url] of the VDL Library you're using? This was a problem with older versions of the library that came out before Kontakt 3. Updating to library 2.5.2 or 2.5.5 may fix the problem for you.
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