only snare sounds loading with 2.5.5 update

Hey everyone,
I'm running Finale 2011 on a PC (windows xp). I've installed Kontakt 5 and when I load the 2.5.5 update all I get are the snare sounds (autoRL, manual, manual lite, VDL1, solo kevlar and mylar). Same with stand alone. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help,

Simple problem first. When you run Kontakt in stand alone, it will only play the instrument in MIDI channel 1. You need to solo the other sound you wish to hear.

Within Finale, you don't mention if you are using a template. There currently is no Finale 2011 template for the VDL 2.5.5 update. The most recent Finale 2011 templates should work. However, you would not have the Percussion MIDI Maps or Layouts for the new instruments. With a bit more information I can help resolve the problem.
It's hard to tell from your description, but I'm guessing this is a MIDI channel issue.

When you say you're only getting snare sounds, are you doing this with your MIDI keyboard, or by clicking the on-screen keyboard with your mouse.

If you're clicking the on-screen keyboard (in standalone or as a plugin), you'll first want to select the instrument you want to hear so it's highlighted with an orange border (see screenshot). Once you've done this, you'll see the onscreen keyboard change to show the sounds mapped within that instrument. Here, you can click on those keys (with your mouse) to hear the sounds.

If you're wanting to audition different sounds with your MIDI keyboard, you'll need to be sending MIDI-out to the channel assigned to the instrument you want to hear. If you have Finale's MIDI-Thru set to ";Smart"; this will happen automatically when you select a staff in your score (assuming you've correctly assigned your MIDI channels in the instrument list).

Hey Ted/Jim,
Thanks! Got it. Best,
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