Finale Buzz Roll Length

I am having trouble getting my tenor buzz rolls to play all the way to the barline. Even after using the expression tool to change to ";long"; the buzz is way too short. I have searched on here for something but nothing seemed to help. Any suggestions?

Can you be more specific in defining the problem. What note values are you using for the rolls and are they tied or slurred to a release note? Does this appear to happen on all drums or is it s specific drum exhibiting this action?
Sorry Ted,
I am in 3/4 time at 80 bpm and using a dotted half note. I am using the drum 4 crescendo roll and then using the expression tool to define the length as long. This is happening on all drums for tenors as well as the bass drum unison Crescendo roll.
Thanks for the extra information. I'll take a look and get back with results. Something you may want to try is rather than using the cresc/decresc rolls, use the sustained buzz rolls.
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