Won't play sounds, but mixer shows activity...

I recently upgraded to Sib 7.1.2, VDL2.5.5, and KP 5.  I am unable to hear sounds when playing through the Sib 7.0 sound set, although the mixer does show activity during playback.  I followed all upgrade and installation procedures.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Mac OS 10.6.8
Sibelius 7.1.2
VDL 2.5.5
KP 5
Write Score template for Sib 7

Jeremiah Fowler
Hi Jeremiah,

This is probably more of a question for The Write Score, but I'm wondering if it has something to do with a weird bug that Sibelius 7.1.2 is exhibiting when using the Sibelius 7 Sounds library. If your playback configuration has a Sibelius Player activated, try removing it, and test your playback.

Hugh may have more insight as to what's going on here, but knowing how you have your playback devices configured may help us troubleshoot if it's something you have set incorrectly, or if it's a strange bug in how Sibelius is (or isn't) auto-loading sounds into the available playback devices.
Thanks Jim,

  I deactivated the sib player and restarted.  I noticed that some instruments sounded and some not.  For example, bassline, glock bright, and marimba synth hard all sounded.  Snareline light, rack combo A and vibe hard did not(bass drum and tam tam combo actually sound as a rack combo).


Oh, and if I remember correctly I was having similar issues before using the Write Score template...
Have you made any customized settings in your Mixer? For example, rather than setting certain tracks or staves to ";(auto)"; have you manually selected specific devices or instruments there?

Hugh may have some better suggestions to look into since this may be an issue with how the template is interacting with Sibelius. Have you posed the question on [url=http://www.thewritescore.com/forum/]The Write Score forum[/url] yet?
Also, have you assigned the Write Score Sound Set in your Playback devices window? It's important not to confuse that sound set with the one called ";Virtual Drumline 2.5.";
I made sure all of the mixer settings were set to ";auto";.  As far as the sound set, I have VDL 2.5 selected.  Could this be a path issue?  I do believe I had similar issues before using the Write Score...
If you're using The Write Score template, you should use the soundset called ";VDL Soundset x.x"; that came with the template. Check the template instructions for more information.
Yeah, I actually tried both - Virtual Drumline 2.5 & VDL Soundset 7.0.  I don't know if this helps, but I do get the cowbell sound when I test the snareline within the mixer.
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