sibelius 7 and adding vdl instruments

Hi guys,

Running a macbook pro with the latest version of sibelius 7, vdl 2.5.5, kontakt 5.  Downloaded the latest template from write score.  In playback configurations I'm able to get VDL 7.0 sound set but when I'm trying to add instruments it's not pulling up the VDL instruments (just band/all/common, etc.)
I thought there was a refresh...any help is appreciated.

Hi Andy

You need to do one of these two things:

[li]For each project, make a copy of ";VDL_Template_7.0a.sib";, rename it. Open the file in Sibelius and begin working.[/li]
[li]Follow the instructions in Appendix C of the Readme file that's included in the template package.[/li]
Thanks Hugh! 

Appreciate it.
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