Finale template and correct library choice question

I just updated to VDL2.55 and Finale '12.  Bought the template for Finale and picked ";Ensemble"; from the 3 files.  So I thought once I opened it, it would automatically load that particular sound library (I've never used these before).  It did not.  (Should've it??)  Anyway, no big deal, I loaded in ";basic battery and Pit"; in Kontakt 5 from the Multis' and it's making sounds.  But I'm wondering, which presets are meant for which ";score"; templates?  Am I missing some instructions somewhere?  The Vibes and marimbas are backwards, theres no timpani, basses and cym are not working.  I'm just confused, and it's way past my bed time.

Any of this making sense?  Sorry if this is so elementary.
The templates are not set up to automatically load the VDL sounds. That needs to be done manually through the ScoreManager. ScoreManager can be found under the Windows pull down menu at the top. The templates work this way because of the manner in which Finale is organized to assign sounds to playback devices. Playback devices meaning Kontakt or the Aria Player. If you have not already done so, take a couple of minutes and go through the ReadMe file which came with the template as well as the Finale Help Guide for loading instruments. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Thank you Ted, I re-expanded the file I downloaded from the site and there where the ";read me"; files.  These where missing from my other folder somehow. ???  Not sure how that is possible.  I don't think I moved or deleted them.  But anyway..... time to do some reading!!!

thank you!
now everything is moving in the right direction (I hope). Only now, once I've moved the templates into the finale template folder (shows them in the finder), Finale however does NOT show them.  Restarted Finale, still nothing.  I know nothing [b]ever[/b] works for me the way it's supposed to.
nope still wont load in the template window.  A iCloud/Lion bug??  Finder shows the Finale templates there but Finale will not see them.

Also, now that I'm going through the XML part, northing shown here is reflecting what I'm seeing on my screen.  I went through step by step very slowly and so far nothing is happening.  This is becoming very frustrating.  I really am going to need some hand holding.  Anyone want to screen share using iChat??

Moving my questions over to forum.
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