Roll issues with VDL 2.5

I just purchased VDL 2.5 and I am having trouble with the play back of my mallet parts.  Every mallet instrument plays rolls connecting the notes.  Even quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes are played with rolls for the duration of the note value.  I am sure there is an easy way to fix this, but I am not sure how to do it.  If someone has a quick and simple answer, I would love to know how to do it.

I am using Sibelius 5.  I will work with that information and see what I can come up with.
Are you using a notation program or a DAW? Somewhere in your file, there's probably a midi message that's setting the mod-wheel (CC1) to move up. Sometimes this can happen with text that invokes a midi command. If you're using a notation template, you can research the words that will do this within the template documentation.
When I pull the mod wheel down, it corrects the problem.  However, it almost instantly goes back to the up position and the problem happens again. How can I save changes that I have made?
Are you hearing this when playing back music from your host application, or when simply playing those instruments with your MIDI keyboard? Xylos and Marimbas will perform rolls if the mod-wheel is in the ";up"; position, so it may just be that you're mod wheel is up.
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