Sibelius 6.2 and VDL 2.5.5

Been trying to get the VDL 2.5.5 update installed (Mac) to make use of the sounds that I have been asking for for a while now (thank you for multiple snare drums, multiple concert bass drums and others) but have hit a wall. Updated Kontakt Player to latest version of 4 to accommodate 2.5.5, did the install so that Kontakt Player shows 2.5.5 and the new instruments, but the new instruments are not showing up as choices in Sibelius.

There must be something I have yet to get into the correct folder or file, but I can't figure out where. Several days of gnashing teeth and frustration later, I need a helping hand.
Great to hear, Ken. Thanks for letting us know you're on track!

Everything in place and working. Thanks for the guidance.

I DO use Sibelius VDL template. Did NOT update that (yet). I'll get right to that.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Hi ksnoeck,

Did you update your Sibelius template too? The VDL library update just gives you the sounds, but that has nothing to do with what's available within your Sibelius template. Or are you even using a Sibelius template?

Information on templates can be found at
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