Garritan Concert/Marching Band 2???

Question for arrangers -- as I get more into writing for both frontline and battery and such, I was looking into the Garritan Concert/Marching Band 2 library -- I was wondering if anyone is currently using it -- are you happy with it?  Or do you just use the Sibelius Essentials (I'm a Sibelius guy) and that's it? 


Jeremy Vest
Sibelius 6.2
VDL 2.5.5
Windows 7 2.8 gHz, 4 gig ram
(sorry Finale friends) I think Garritan sounds pretty bad.  Much worse than what Sibelius 7 comes with.  Look into the Essentials update with version 7 and there's some good stuff.  Someone pointed out Kontakt is 50% off until July 7 ($199) and it comes with 43 GB of great sounds, but requires more of a learning curve to get the most realistic results.  Getting good sounds from your score requires a lot of practice: both good writing and technical ability.
Thanks for the feedback -- I agree; instead of spending $150 on the COMB2 I'll just invest it towards upgrading to Sibelius 7! 

Thanks again.
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