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I am looking to jump into the technology thing this year with my front ensemble and was hoping for suggestions on the best sampling software.  We have been using an iPad to sample narrations/effects and it has not been the most reliable.  I am looking to use a MacBook Pro (OSX Lion, 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM) with a M Audio Oxygen 25 to trigger samples and possibly some synth effects.  We already have a Korg M50 to run our main synth parts with.  I am looking at Kontakt 5 or Logic/Mainstage but I am not sure which would fit my needs the best.  What are the advantages/disadvantages of each, and are there any other options that I may not yet know of?  With Kontakt on sale this week for $199 it is pretty enticing but I wanted to find out a little bit more before I purchased anything, and I figured that vast resources of the Tapspace community would give me some great advice! Thanks in advance!
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I would get Kontakt- quality library of sounds + the ability to load and tweak anything with a wide variety of built-in effects.  It's stand-alone mode would work well for performance, or you can load it inside garage band.
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