Trouble with individual sounds

Hello, all. I've been having some trouble with the sounds playing back and correlating properly with the key maps. I've experienced this on multiple platforms, multiple versions of Sibelius and Kontakt, and with multiple VDL2 instruments, but for this example I'll use ";Shaker in metal canister.";

The metal canister shaker has four sounds, and when I go to Sibelius' playback devices and click 'show' on the Kontakt Player 4, I click the keys on the little keyboard to sample the sounds, and all four of them work properly. But when I try on my midi keyboard, only the ";roll"; sound plays, no matter which key I press. The result is the same on the staff. For this piece, I have snare drum, tenors, bass drums, bongos, congas, and metal canister shaker. I've also noticed that whenever I try and add the metal canister shaker, it adds another instance of congas to the Kontakt Player and when I first try and enter notes for the shaker, it enters conga notes and sounds. When I go in, remove the extra instance of ";congas"; and add ";Shaker - metal canisters"; it does what I have described...only the roll sounds. I also opened up Kontakt again, and noticed that even when I press the C, the Kontakt keyboard shows that E is being pressed. My midi-keyboard works fine and only has this problem in Sibelius, using VDL2. This is a very confusing issue and I would appreciate if someone could help me figure this out! I have checked and to the best of my knowledge, VDL2 is installed properly and the proper sound sets are selected in Sibelius' configuration.

This most likely has to do with Sibelius's percussion mapping for whatever instrument is assigned to that particular staff. You can see what's assigned to that percussion map within the ";Edit Instruments"; area. Keep in mind, if you've assigned an instrument that's not specifically designed (mapped) for each sound within the VDL patch, you'll see strange results like you're describing. If you're using a Sibelius/VDL template, you'd want to be certain you've assigned the specific metal canister shaker instrument to that staff to ensure it performs properly. The folks from The Write Score might have more suggestions on how to troubleshoot your template/sound set.
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And as a reminder, [url=]this 2+ year old thread[/url] talks about the issue at hand and how to fix it.
I ended up discovering that the simplest way to fix this problem was to update to the newest library version and the newest template. That alone fixed a lot of the weird problems.
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