Recent Avid News - What This Means For Sibelius

Perhaps some of you have been following the recent developments in Avid's plan to streamline it's business by cutting consumer level products (e.g. M-Audio). Initially, I heard that Sibelius was able to weather the storm, but recent rumors suggest that Avid is closing the UK Sibelius office. I realize Sibelius has only been with Avid since 2006 and had been independent prior to that, but I'm wondering what this severance means for the future of the software. Does anyone here know more?
I can tell you that one of the customer service reps said his department received news that Avid DOES intend to close down the UK development office. 
It's hard to know what any of this means just yet and I'd rather not speculate too much. It doesn't smell too fresh, though.
I ";heard"; Sibelius 6 currently works with Mountain Lion.
I've noticed that Daniel Spreadbury's Sibelius Blog has been noticeably lacking updates for the past few weeks. Usually he does one every other day or so.

Maybe he's just busy with Sib 7 updates?
I smell an opportunity for Tapspace to acquire them???  Jim, if anyone could......  Sounds like it's a buyers market.
The replies I've seen from Avid thus far don't sound like much more than the company line, designed to keep people at bay. They're calling it a strategic restructuring, but by axing the team responsible for the heart and soul of the software, it sounds like no more than a short-term cost-cutting measure to appease shareholders.

Here's the canned reply I (and several others) received from CEO, Gary Greenfield:

[color=blue][i]I appreciate your reaching out.  We remain committed to Sibelius and future releases.    Thanks for being so passionate about Sibelius.

There's a movement of upset composers and teachers whose hope is that Avid will consider selling Sibelius back to its more loving parents. A long shot? Perhaps. But maybe it's possible that if Avid (and their shareholders) feels an immediate backlash from upset users, maybe they'd rather be rid of it altogether. Get involved if you think it's a fight worth fighting. Or start brushing up on your Finale chops...
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