Sibelius Sounds question

Hi guys,

I'm running Sib. 7 with VDL 2.5.5, Kontakt 5 on a Macbook.  I am working on a marching band score with the template but it's not playing back all sounds.  I have Sibelius 7 sounds and 2 instances of VDL sound sets running.

I thought in past versions of Sibelius that I was able to add more instances of Sibelius sounds but in my current version it's not showing Sibelius sounds in the available devices side.  I've tried using Garritan's and Sibelius Sounds 5 through another instance of Kontakt but it's still not working.  Any advice?  


So I figured out a solution. I opened up a new VDL template and added all the appropriate instruments. Then I copy and pasted the brass parts from my previous VDL score (where the low brass didn't playback) as opposed to copy and pasting from the original XML again. Worked fine this I guess it has something to do with importing an XML file!
Now I am running into another issue. I really like the playback sounds for the brass instruments entitled ";Marching _______ Ensemble (Fanfare)"; but it will not playback staccato notes. There is another sound called ";Marching __________ Ensemble (Staccato)"; so I naturally tried that one but then nothing played back.
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