Cross-talk on Finale Staves?

Hello All,

I am using VDL 2.5.5 on a Windows 7 laptop with Finale 2012b and the Finale VDL Template for Finale 2012 (with an Oxygen 8 Keyboard for entry).
This has never happened to me in the few years I have been using VDL w/Finale, but I am getting ";cross talk"; between staves/channels. What I mean by that is that when I enter a not in a marimba staff, I am hearing the marimba, BUT I am ALSO hearing my combination instrument (Rack Combo A) at the same time. The notation is appearing as Marimba only. When I playback, I ALSO hear both instruments. I have double checked my banks and channels. Everything is assigned singularly with no mistaken doubling.

Has anyone run into this before?

Thanks for your input in advance.

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Would you attach a copy of the file so I can take a look? It sounds like a midi channel issue, but you mentioned that things look correct so I'm stumped for the moment. In return, maybe you can help me solve mid-measure instrument changes. Mid-score works correctly, but attempt to do it mid-measure and it's a no go. I should mention this is a pitched to non-pitched change.
Thanks for responding Ted - the file is attached. The issue is that I am hearing one of the combination rack along with Marimba 3 and having the same problem with the Timpani (hearing a rack WITH the timpani).
I'll have to re-visit mid-measure requests and then see if I can help. I have done them before, but not since upgrading both VDL and Finale.

I appreciate your willingness to take a look at this. The spot begins just after measure 72 on...... I use a separate number scheme for the percussion feature that begins at ";P1";. The problem is prevalent in Marimba 3 around ";P21"; and ";P31";.


Well, I realized I wasn't being resourceful and was being slightly lazy in that I was using the same saved ";multi"; setup (a .nkm file) from the 1st and 2nd halves of the show I am arranging. I went ahead and closed out of the 2 saved multis and reloaded each instrument in the Kontakt player and then saved them as new multis - the ";cross talk"; was suddenly gone. So, problem solved, but that still does not explain why it was happening. I had even double checked the bank / channel assignments, erased midi data, and experimented with the midi thru options in Finale. Oh well, the important thing is that it is solved.

Ted - I am looking for a solution to your mid-measure change. I looked back that the way I had dealt with this was a clef change with the rhythmic notation staff style applied to the change. I seem to remember Finale offering info on this, but it is as if there is a conspiracy and it is all, but disappeared.

David - Glad to hear that you've solved your problem as I haven't had an opportunity to look at the file. As for my problem, don't spend too much time on the issue. I already have an open thread on the Finale forums.

I'll look for your thread on the Finale forum because I am curious about the feedback you'll receive. I have been posting more on the forums for both Tapspace and Finale recently because I am finding that complexity has increased with my using 2012b, with VDL2.5.5 AND the Write Score Finale VDL Template. While the Finale folks are being helpful, they're implying that some crashes I am having (w/2012b) are due to the Kontakt Player, yet I know there is an entire community of Finale users that part of the reason they buy Finale is because it is supposed to work with mainstream VST Plug-ins. When I have time, I have a ";pure untouched"; high performance (Main Gear) laptop with a clean install of Finale 2012b and I intend to put my second allowable install of VDL2.5.5 on there as well with a new Host Program (Probably Sonar Studio) and leave that laptop devoted to music production and light internet usage. No MS Office, or anything else large and cumbersome.

Then I should get an excellent read on reliability of 2012b.

I appreciate all of your collaboration.

David - Many of those users on the Finale forum do not use percussion to the extreme that we, or really any other percussion composer, would do. Finale 3.0 was easy to get percussion to LOOK correct, but don't think about playback. The playback has become much easier to get now, but some of the intricate notation issues are harder. Or at the very least more challenging within the structural changes of Finale.
I see that Ted. Though I think the overall capabilities are greater, there was some simplicity that worked well that was more ";bare bones"; - such as the ";listen"; feature they used to have where I could play a note on the keyboard and it would jump to the notation font for that sound on the percussion map. Now they need to go back and put back some features that allow us to ";look under the hood"; more.

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