VDL 2.5.5: Re-Set Editing an Instrument

Sibelius 7, VDL 2.5.5

Can you re-set Editing the sound mapping (sounds/note-head number and positioning) from an edited VDL 2.5.5 instrument?

I changed the sounds/note-head positions for the ";Drumset Manual"; instrument (I understand, a mistake by not creating a new instrument first - then editing THAT instrument) - and would like to revert it to it's original version.

It that possible?
Thanks in advance -

If all you did was move things up/down, just use the mapping diagrams as a reference to move everything back (while keeping note of the Input Using Pitch setting). But since you've deleted some of the entries, your best bet is to start with a fresh copy of the template.

The changes that are made to mapping layouts are file specific. As long as you haven't altered the original template .sib file, those layouts will match what's in the Maps file's diagrams.

On the Drumset (Manual) instrument:

In my current score project, I deleted some of the [last listed] crash cymbals, and re-organized the positioning of the HiHat (E-natural space)/Ride (G-natural space)/Crashes (A-B-C-E upper ledger lines/space) - contrary to the [Norm Weinberg] [new] standard of drum set notation.

(I prefer the HiHat/Ride/Crashes in the above mentioned [older standard] positions.)

If I begin a NEW score from [The Write Score's] Sibelius 7.0  Template, will the Drumset [Manual] setup instrument positioning/note-heads revert to the original Template [Weinberg] defaults?

Thanks in advance -
Just to clarify to other readers, this is referring to editing the Sibelius [url=http://www.thewritescore.com]template [/url], not the VDL instrument itself.
There is no ";reset"; button, but it is possible to get back to the original. What elements of the mapping have been altered?
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