Hi Hat won't playback correctly

I am using sib. 6, macbook pro 2.4 ghz, 4gb ram, VDL 2.5.2, Kontakt player 2, sib. template 6.0b.  I am inputing Hi hat notes and all of the hi hat sound the same.  I am trying to get open and closed sounds.  The VDL_InputMaps_6.0b, I used different articulations to try and get it triggered correctly and followed the input notes in the input map but it just plays open sounds.  How do I figure it out?
There are different versions of the Hi Hat sounds in VDL, depending on your needs. First, determine if you're using the HiHat Manual, HiHat Mod-Wheel, or whether you're using a drumset/cymbal combo instrument that incorporates some HH sounds.

Once you've determined this, check the documentation that came with your Sibelius template to determine how to control the open/close functionality.

If you're using the Modwheel HiHat, the degree to which the HiHats are open or closed is controlled by the modwheel. In your Sibelius template, I think this is controlled with dictionary text.

If you're using the Manual HiHat, the different sounds are mapped to different midi pitches, so I think your Sibelius template would be designed to use different noteheads to control this.

If you're using a different instrument that incorporates Hi Hat (drumsets, rack combos, etc), check the documentation for your Sibelius template for instructions on how those are controlled.
Yup, I'll agree with Jim on all accounts. The only other thing that may be causing sounds to not switch or change correctly (after you've determined exactly which instrument you're using) is if there's some other staff text in the score being naughty. Double check what staff text you are using and compare that to what's in the dictionary, if there's a match, the easiest thing to do is uncheck the play on pass setting for just that entry.
I am not really sure how to describe the problem.  I have a staff that is set up with the Concert Band Combo sounds in the writescore sibelius 6.0b.  To switch to the hi hat sound I tried using the cymbal rack combo (mw) and couldn't get that to do the open and closed sounds so I switched to the Hi Hat manual and that didn't work because it doesn't seem like sibelius is making the instrument change, then I tried the Hi Hat (MW) and that didn't seem to make the instrument change either and still can't get the open and closed sounds.  It is probably something really simple but I can't seem to figure it out.  Is there a problem with the template?
If you can send me the file, I'll take a look. (Sent you a PM.)

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