"HATS OFF" to Tapspace and The Write Score (thewritescore.com)

I mostly post in the Tapspace forum when I have problems. In all fairness, this post is about things WORKING WELL.

At the end of last summer, I bought a high performance gaming laptop PC from Main Gear (They build custom machines). I told myself, when I had time, I would ";move over"; my music software (Finale, VDL, Sonar, Audacity) to this machine and use it exclusively for composing, arranging, and production. It is just short of a year later and I have finally done just that.

I have VDL 2.5.2 w/Kontakt 5 (soon to be VDL 2.5.5) and Finale 2012b using ";The Write Score"; (thewritescore.com) VDL Template for Finale 2012a. The template also works with Finale 2012b and supports VDL 2.5.5. I also added Sonar X1 Producer (I just like the Sonar's interface).

Everything is working together just as I imagined it! I always hesitate to say things like this, because then problems occur. [u][b]The combination of Tapspace's VDL along with the increased functionality of The Write Score Finale VDL Template ROCKS![/b][/u]

";Thank You"; Tapspace and ";Thank You"; The Write Score for improving the ";quality of life"; for those of us who dabble in the Drum-Line idiom!


David V.
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Thanks for the enthusiasm, David! It's really nice to hear and I appreciate you taking the time to post when your [i]not[/i] having a problem. I'd guess 90% of the problems reported here have nothing to do with VDL, but rather people's newness with more advanced features of Sibelius or Finale. We patiently wade through a lot of those types of posts, so it's refreshing to hear a good report here.

Of course, we hear a lot of praise outside the forum too. So we know there are tons of people out there rocking with their VDL systems. We just don't hear from them as often - because they're rocking and creating new things.

So thanks again for the positive report, David. Time to go make some music!
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