How to get VDL 2.5 to work on Sibelius 7?

I recently just bought sibelius 7 and I have VDL 2.5 as well. I am running both of these on a windows 7 computer! I am having getting it to work as a plug in. I want it to play the sounds through sibelius. I have not bought a template because I really have no clue what they are about! So my question to everyone is how to have my VDL integrated in my Sibelius so that when I am writing Drumline music, the VDL Playback works! Thanks for the help in advance!

ps i think i have 64 bit
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Your question isn't very clear. Can you elaborate with some more specifics?

To use VDL in Sibelius 7, you should activate an instance of Kontakt 5 in your playback devices window. Your Sibelius documentation will give you more information on how everything in that window works.

If you'd like to learn more about what a template is and why it might be helpful, [url=]read this[/url].
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