Finale - No Glock Playback

I am using Windows 7 with VDL 2.5.2 (and Kontakt Player 5) and Finale 2012b with the Finale VDL Template (2012) and though I can hear the Glockenspiel when I am entering notes with my Oxygen8v2 keyboard, when I playback I am not hearing the Glock. I hear everything else! I tried listening to the Glock solo and no sound.

I am attaching the file and the 2 multis I use (1st Multi is Battery, keyboards and timp, 2nd multi is all the Racks).

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know.



I've downloaded the files and will take a look on Monday.

The transposition for the glock is set to 'Other'. Reset it to None and then transpose everything down 2 octaves. You should hear everything fine.

Thanks - I looked the the ";other"; setting and thought that (perhaps) it was a custom setting of the template, so I left it alone. I decided not to experiment with it because I did not want to get a few clicks down the road and then wish I hadn't.


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