Finale - No Glock Playback

I am using Windows 7 with VDL 2.5.2 (and Kontakt Player 5) and Finale 2012b with the Finale VDL Template (2012) and though I can hear the Glockenspiel when I am entering notes with my Oxygen8v2 keyboard, when I playback I am not hearing the Glock. I hear everything else! I tried listening to the Glock solo and no sound.

I am attaching the file and the 2 multis I use (1st Multi is Battery, keyboards and timp, 2nd multi is all the Racks).

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know.



Thanks - I looked the the ";other"; setting and thought that (perhaps) it was a custom setting of the template, so I left it alone. I decided not to experiment with it because I did not want to get a few clicks down the road and then wish I hadn't.



The transposition for the glock is set to 'Other'. Reset it to None and then transpose everything down 2 octaves. You should hear everything fine.

I've downloaded the files and will take a look on Monday.
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