Help me buddies!

Hey all!
I'm on a deadline here so I'll be quick:

New issue never had before. I, all of the sudden, have an issue with an Aux. Percussion staff. The playback is that of the ";Electric Bass";.
Now when I click on the note, the ";audition playback"; is fine. Once I try to ";play"; the score, it's another matter entirely.
It's now playing an electric bass sound-when the note plays at all. It's not consistent.
I've restarted, switched to a different instance of Kontakt 5......Still, no dice.
New problem....this has never happened to me before. I swear.

Any help will be rewarded with high-fives for the gents and make-outs for the ladies.

After some sleuthing, I discovered that there is a problem between the last Sibelius update and the Write Score template. Any verification of this?
Anybody have a workaround, perhaps? Hugh posted on the message board on that he's aware and working on getting in touch with Avid.
I'm really under the gun here folks.

This sounds like something going on with your template. Have you tried pasting this passage into a clean version of the template to verify the same behavior happens? Hugh at The Write Score may have some other ideas if you provide some details about the actual instrument being used, as well as the exact settings of your playback configuration.
Hey, Jim-hope you're having a great summer.

I did, in fact, do that very thing with the same result. Cross staff shenanigans.

Also, I made it a point to open a clean template.
I've posted on forum.

It's really odd behavior,
Based off of Hugh's response from Avid, they are aware of the problem and will address it.

Thanks, Jim.

I had a similar problem. I was using a saved multi and so I finally deleted the multi and re-built the instrument stack in my Kontakt player. It seemed to fix it. I have had other instances of transient ";cross-talk"; since upgrading Finale, Kontakt and VDL. They have gone away (except the time I previously mentioned). They do seem to mostly involve rack combos and/or rhythm section. I have no idea if this is a template trend, Kontakt, or what. Now, I am extremely pleased and supportive of the template. One possible deduction, however, is that if you're having the problem as a Sibelius user and I am having as a Finale user and we are both using the template - perhaps there is a correlation. I cannot, however, imagine what that could be. I'll think to mention it to Ted Boliske, but I am also wondering if their could be a bug with Kontakt and/or the Kontakt/VDL interface. The fact that my one instance resolved itself after I re-selected the set-up implies something other than the template. The problem with me is that I know just enough to be dangerous!

Finale 2012b w/VDL 2.5.5/Kontakt Player 5/Writscore VDL Finale Template for Finale 2012/Windows 7/Oxygen 8 Controller
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