Mountain Lion - plays okay with Finale '12?

Haven't upgraded to Mountain Lion yet, has anyone??  Hoping it doesn't break Finale '12.  Any issues out there?

I am a Windows 7 user.  This might be a good question for the Finale Forum (MAC).

Has it been released yet? As of this morning it was still in hiding.

Ok. I stand corrected, it is now available. I would suggest checking with MakeMusic to see about compatiblity.
they still say nothing, exactly what I'd expect from them, but thats another story.  So far it works fine.  The only problem I'm having now is Kontakt Player 5 says it's running in Demo mode which the service center says it's activated.  Awesome.
sonordrum - sounds like you ended up taking the plunge with the new operating system. Brave man.

if VDL continues to load in ";demo"; mode, you may need to delete your previous activation key (in Service Center), then reactivate to set everything back on track. If doing this somehow locks your serial, you'll need to submit a [url=]support ticket[/url] and someone should be able to help get you back on track.

Apple just released 10.8 yesterday. Now begins the process of developers rigorously test their integration within it. Early adopters should do so at their own risk. The folks at MakeMusic are great with support - they'll need some time to sort through everything though. Same can be said for the manufacturers of your other software, hardware drivers, plugins, fonts, etc. Justin posted an [url=]unofficial announcement[/url] on the Finale forums, and I'm sure an official announcement will be forthcoming.
funny thing.  Using it in Finale, the player loads the VDL2.55 stuff fine.  But when I go to load my Christian Lane marimbas into the player, it says DEMO over those samples.  Strange indeed.  I guess purge those samples completely and reload them? 
If you haven't purchased a full license of Kontakt 5, any libraries you load into it that aren't in Kontakt Player format will be loaded in demo mode.
Hello all,

Preliminary testing on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) with Finale 2012 and Finale 2011 has indicated no major compatibility issues. Notation products version 2010 and earlier will not be supported on Mountain Lion.

Some minor issues that were first seen after the OS X 10.7 release may still occur:

- Users may encounter a warning that Java Runtime must be installed when launching Finale 2011 for the first time. Java will be automatically downloaded to your computer and Finale 2011 should open correctly afterwards.

- When opening Finale 2011, the Check for Updates dialog box will display on launch regardless of the preference set previously.

- Mac OS X 10.8 does not support PowerPC applications. Some older versions of Finale will not install on Mac OS X 10.8, and we suggest users upgrade to the latest version of Finale.

- The new Gatekeeper feature in Mountain Lion is set by default to open applications from the App Store and identified developers. 2011 versions of notation products have not been signed for Mountain Lion, and users installing a 2011 version of PrintMusic from a download may encounter a dialog box that prevents them from installing. There are two ways to install at this point.

1. Control+click on the installer and choose open. This will give you the option to start the installer without disabling the default preferences for Gatekeeper.

2. Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Set ";Allow applications downloaded from:"; to Anywhere and restart the installer.
[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=4443.msg23286#msg23286 date=1343677400]
If you haven't purchased a full license of Kontakt 5, any libraries you load into it that aren't in Kontakt Player format will be loaded in demo mode.

okay, so I was loading them in the past into the full paid version of Kontakt 2.  Yes I said 2.  But upon opening Logic9, after the MLion upgrade, it couldn't find Kontakt 2.  So I just tried loading them into the FREE player 5, NOT the VDL Kontakt player.  So I need to purge some stuff and start over I think.  Never an issue before as I've loaded those Lane marimba samples into Kontakt player 4, but maybe not 5.

I think I need to buy Komplete8.  Seems like a no brainer than buying almost any single title.  Extra $100 you get SO much!!! 
Know that NI is having a sale. It ends very soon, don't have the exact date.
[quote author=ted_boliske link=topic=4443.msg23289#msg23289 date=1343752193]
Know that NI is having a sale. It ends very soon, don't have the exact date.

Yes, ends very soon indeed - today is the last day. Here's the copy from the email I received a week ago:

";The Summer of Sound will soon be over! But you still have a few days ��� until July 31, 2012 ��� to get all KOMPLETE updates, upgrades and cross-grades for half price. Save on KOMPLETE 8, KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE or to the latest REAKTOR, GUITAR RIG or KONTAKT for a cool 50% less. You qualify for at least one of these offers, so don�۪t miss your chance. Upgrade your setup for summer!";
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