Note Spacing

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Downloaded the latest template for VDL 2.5.5 via the Write Score, but the note spacing is all scunched up - I cannot figure out how to fix this, or set bars per page. Suggestions?
Sibelius 6 has an ";optimize note spacing"; feature. Sometimes I get scrunched-up notes, and this will fix it. I need to re-run every so often (and make sure I do it at least once before generating PDFs). It works on any selection, so just select everything before running it for widespread results.
Cool. Do a search for ";Note Spacing"; in your Sibelius Reference (accessible from the ";help"; menu in Sibelius) and you'll find all sorts of information about these functions in the Sibelius Reference. You may also want to familiarize yourself with the features of the ";Layout"; menu including the ";unlock format"; function.
Jim - Sibelius 6.2 Sorry!
Hi Trey,

This isn't related to Virtual Drumline. This is specific to your notation program but you didn't mention what notation program you're using. Are you familiar with how to set note spacing in your notation program? If not, check the user manual for whichever program you're using.
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