Making Sibelius and Finale Play Nice

Short story:

1. I wrote a wind score in Sibelius 7 (using the sib7 VDL template) for a school.

2. They're percussion arranger wrote the parts in Finale 2011 or 12, but did not use VDL.

3. Now they'd like me to insert the percussion parts back into the wind score so they can have a good playback situation and unified scores.

4. I'm getting the files sent as xml, Midi and pdfs.

5. I do not own any version of Finale.

Any thoughts on how to do this most efficiently? I'm a little worried that I'm going to end up manually entering the parts in my Sibelius score.

Thanks, Tapspace Community!
I would suggest using the Dolet Plugins:

If the Finale 2011 user can use the Dolet 6 plug-in, you may get better results (2012 has the same ability as Dolet 6) if you use the Dolet 6 plugin as well instead of Sibelius built in functionality. For any notes that do not transfer OK, does Sibelius have a convert percussion notes feature like Finale's Transpose Percussion notes (quick way to convert unknown percussion notes to proper notes, like Tenorline Drum 2, etc)?
Thanks for the advice, Justin! We will proceed as prescribed!

I'll update as I got on with the project.

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