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I have a new problem.  A problem I thought I understood, however here I am.  My set-up is...

13"; Macbook Pro
2.4 GHz intel core i5
4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Sibelius 7.1
Kontakt Player 5
VDL 2.5.5
Korg Microkey

I have a percussion score using the template from, template 7.0a.  I am trying to complete an instrument change switching from Combo rack B, to a Ocean Drum.  I make the change through Sibelius and changes appear in the score, but I do not hear the ocean drum playback and it does not apear in the kontakt player.  I have two instances of Kontakt available for the score.  If anyone can help figure what I am doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it. 


Are you playing back after you do the instrument change so it will load?
We probably need some more information in order to help you out here. As Bill asked, can you verify that you actually hit ";Play"; after adding the instrument change? Sibelius can be finicky as well when it comes to the positioning of that little instrument change ";box"; that appears faintly when you create one. It's something that is draggable, and sometimes you have to back it up on the staff a little bit in order for Sibelius to catch it in time for the actual new part.

If you're still stuck, please respond with as many more details as you can.

Hi Murray,

Thanks for the reply.  I am hitting playback after I make the instrument change.  I have also try to move the ";box"; in several different places.  I have two instances of Kontakt player available as well.  Also, when I make the instrument change and try to enter the music it still sounds like the previous instrument, ";Rack combo B";.  When I look at the kontakt player I don't see the instrument being added to the mixer in either instance I have available.  I'm sorry, but I don't know what other information you might need.  Thanks for the help though.

Hi Keith,

OK, just to be clear��_after adding the instrument change to the score, the new sounds will NOT be available when clicking on any notes (or auditioning them on your keyboard) until after the Play button has been pressed. Since the new instrument samples will have to load in, hitting the Play button is what does this. It sounds like you've already done this.

There still are some missing pieces to the puzzle here, so answering these questions should help:

1. Do you have enough instances of Kontakt available for all staves, all instruments (including any and all instrument changes)? If one staff has 3 instrument changes���in addition to the default instrument for that staff���then you need 4 slots in Kontakt for this one staff.

2. Which version of Sibelius 7.1.x do you have?

3. When choosing any of your instruments from the VDL library, are you certain you're selecting them from the correct category of sounds in the Instruments dialog? The overall category should have the template version as part of its name (e.g., ��� VDL Template 7.0a).

4. Can you confirm that all the correct players have loaded in? In the Mixer window you can see a listing of all the players that have auto-loaded into your score for each staff. In Sibelius 7.1.2 on Macs, there is a known issue of the auto-load functionality misbehaving when there are more players than just Kontakt, such as the Sibelius Player AND Kontakt. This is apparently not an issue in 7.1.0, but it was introduced in 7.1.2. If you find this to be the case, you can manually override it by choosing the correct player from the little menu in the Mixer window.

This last one might be confusing, so if you've ruled out the other possibilities, let me know if you need further clarification about it.

Well Murray,

I want tot hank you for trying to help me.  I greatly appreciate it.  However, i woke this morning and light went off in my head.  I realized that I had started this score on the VDL template 7.0 and I was trying to use the sound set from the template 7.0a.  Silly me!  So I switched everything to a new score with the 7.0a template and now I have my ocean drum sound and I have no problems what so ever.  Again, thank you for everything!

Glad to hear you're up and running, Keith!
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