Upgrading from Finale 2010 to 2012, VDL 2.5.2 mapping issues

Retina MBP running Mountain Lion
I have bought the Finale 2012a Template from ";The wright Score";
I have been using templates from Tapspace template 2010b with Finale 2010.  Everything was working fine.

(To skip a truck full of problems not relevant) - All I'm trying to do now is have my new templates map the sounds correctly.  I can hear the sounds from my midi Keyboard (Korg nano Key) and old imported files will playback, but anything new I type in shows up as regular piano notation in yellow.

I have installed Kontact 4.

Here is what I have NOT done and am avoiding:
Deleting everything and reinstalling everything.


I have deleted everything except Virtual drumline, and am now downloading and reinstalling Finale 2012.

I double checked and I had correctly installed all the midi, template, and library files from ";Write Score"; in both the System and my home folders of Application Support.
Still no correct notation, just correct sounds.
I have now completely reinstalled everything.

I have a clean fresh Finale 2012, VDL 2.5.5, and Kontact 4.

The sounds are playing, the midi keyboard is recognized, but the notation of the notes IS STILL NOT CORRECT!  THEY ARE STILL SHOWING REGULAR PIANO NOTES ALL IN YELLOW.

Please Help.

Have you done any of the tutorials for Finale 2012? It has several new elements, such as the Score Manager. This is where most things percussion related happen. Make sure that you have BOTH the correct Percussion MIDI Map and Percussion Layouts for the instruments you wish to use in the score. To view the Percussion MIDI Maps column in the Score Manager, you must select Custon View and check Percussion MIDI Maps so that column appears and is now visible.
Yes, I did check the new score manager, and we physically looked at all the maps on each stave, they seemed to indicate that the map was loaded correctly but when we add any new notes, they still show up as yellow music notes.  Almost as if they are stuck in a wrong layer or something...
Are you setting both the Percussion MIDI Map (column on the right side of the main Score Manager window) and the Percussion Layout (Notation Syle: Percussion, just like in the pre-2012 Staff Tool)?
better screen shot:

The PDF attachment was a bit blurry, but there may be something else to check. When you set the Percussion MIDI Maps and the Layouts verify that you are selecting those for Finale 2012. Honestly, this should not be an issue because you've stated the support files have been placed in the correct folders. Are the files you're working on created in Finale 2010? If so, this could be causing some of the problems you are seeing in the score. Have you tried using a clean 2012 template?  

Thanks for the better screen shot. The layouts are pointing to the correct location. Something just came to mind. The latest templates, 2012a.1 are for use with VDL 2.5.5. This should only cause problems if you attempt to use a VDL 2.5.5 instrument because they aren't found in VDL 2.5.2.
It may have just posted, but I uploaded a jpeg that you can actually read.

I am using a clean, untouched template from ";the write score";.

[quote author=erictheblack link=topic=4459.msg23334#msg23334 date=1345136385]
It may have just posted, but I uploaded a jpeg that you can actually read.

I am using a clean, untouched template from ";the write score";.

I have also upgraded to VDL 2.5.5
Try this and let's see what the results are. Copy your 2010 support files (the XML Library files) to the proper 2012 locations. Open a copy of a 2010 template file using 2012 and verify that it points to the proper location for midi maps and layouts. What happens then when you enter notes? Do they display properly?
Ok!  Did everything you asked, brought in the old xml files from the 2010 VDL scores (2.5.2)  Put them in both Main Library and my user library application support folders.  Opened a score built on the old template. 

Same results.

I've attached a screen with all the Mapping and score manager windows open to show content.  I typed in using my midi keyboard, with the sounds playing correctly, just some 8th note snare taps and shots.  All yellow piano notation.

There must be some old hidden files somewhere interfering with the mapping.
Eric, the only window I don't see is the Percussion MIDI Map window. It can't be open at the same time as the layout window. Check to verify that you are using your VDL 2.5.2 maps.
I think at this point it's clear that it's a font or old install issue.  I sent my files to another member on here and they display correctly on his computer.

There must be some ghost in the computer. 

The mapping is correctly set up.
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