Upgrading from Finale 2010 to 2012, VDL 2.5.2 mapping issues

Retina MBP running Mountain Lion
I have bought the Finale 2012a Template from ";The wright Score";
I have been using templates from Tapspace template 2010b with Finale 2010.  Everything was working fine.

(To skip a truck full of problems not relevant) - All I'm trying to do now is have my new templates map the sounds correctly.  I can hear the sounds from my midi Keyboard (Korg nano Key) and old imported files will playback, but anything new I type in shows up as regular piano notation in yellow.

I have installed Kontact 4.

Here is what I have NOT done and am avoiding:
Deleting everything and reinstalling everything.

Check the emails I sent a couple of hours ago. It appears the issue has to do with which set of percussion midi maps (xml files) are used with layouts included in the template file.
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