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Hello all,

Im having an issue with my Sibelius sounds library in Sib 6.2.0.  The KP2 player seems to have the file path correct, but there's no instruments showing.  In the KP2 info menu, there are a bunch of Red X's where the library files should be.  I'm sure this is an easy fix and I've just overlooked a step.  I did go to the Sibelius hep page and tried it's response and it didn't work.  Please help.  Thanks

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Since the Sibelius Essentials library in v6 uses Sibelius's ";Sibelius Player,"; you wouldn't access these sounds from Kontakt. They'd just auto load on their own. Or are you trying to use the old Sibelius Essentials library from Sibelius 5?

Are you seeing any libraries in Kontakt, or is it just the Sibelius Essentials library you're having trouble with?

Usually when you see a missing library graphic, it means some files have been moved around. If you plan to stick with KP2, you can try resetting the ";Library Installation Path"; field (by clicking the 'info' button next to the library), then navigating to the actual location of the library folder on your hard drive.

Alternately, you may want to consider using Kontakt 4 which generally performs much better than KP2. You may want to have a look at this article for info on which versions of Kontakt are compatible with which versions of Sibelius:
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