Problems with VDL and Sibelius 7

Hey Guys,

First off I have:

Windows 7 Porfessional 64 bit
VDL 2.5
Sibelius 7.1.2 and the new updated essentials
Kontakt Player 5
Pro Tools 10 (but do not run much with Sib 7 now)
Avid M-Box Mini
Oxygen 49 key midi keyboard (I do a lot of notation without this sometime)
I do not have a TWS template

I have looked around here, asked questions, and have read almost everything that I could. Apparently I am still doing something wrong. I can see Kontakt 5 under my playback engine in Sibelius, but it still says General Midi under the soundset for the active side. I pasted the file for kontakt5.dll under C:\program files\avid\VSTplugins, but still the same. I also noticed that when I go to C:\users\myusername\appdata\roaming\avid\sibelius7... I do not see the sounds folder that should follow. I have installed all updates that I know of when they became available. I feel like I am not doing something correctly to get the sound set in the proper location.

As I stated before, I do not have a TWS template, but if this will fix this... I can make that happen. I would still like to know how I can do this without a template. I've also noticed that when I seen VDL in Kontakt 2, VDL showed more instruments in my list in KP2. I'm not getting the ";full"; list in KP5... However, it could just be me looking at something different.

Someone told me that my Sib 7 sounds were not loaded correctly, but I have been writing scores using the sounds fine. The majority of my sounds are percussion, but I have ";sound checked"; most of the Sib 7 essential sounds listed.... Sorry for the novel, but any advice or info would be wonderful at this point. Thanks so much!!

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You need to create the ";sounds"; folder then copy the xml file there. 

You need the template unless you know how to make your own, which is very advanced and takes months. 

For Playback Devices: configuration, create a new one and add the Kontakt player so it's in the right column.  Once you have the template, then you can shoose it from the soundsets.

You are probably hearing Sibelius essentials sounds, not VDL sounds.
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