Live VD2 Sounds


I have been having this problem for years and still can't seem to get a direct answer. Now my first question is,does the notation program you use have anything to do with the sound that comes out. For example,will VD2 sound the same coming out of Finale and Sibelius? Whenever I write a cadence,it still sounds ";computerized."; It doesn't sound as good as the stuff on this site and others. What am i doing wrong? Does it have something to do with the DFP settigns? I'm running a MAC Intel Core Duo,Finale 2009,and VD2.5..please help.
I generally use VDL only through Finale. However, when playback quality is more critical, I export my Finale file as MIDI and then use the same multi from VDL with my DAW and run the exported MIDI file via the DAW. This allows (at least for me) higher quality playback, easier tweaking (though I consult the manual a lot because I am more a Finale guy than a DAW guy)and less demand during playback on my PC.

It doesn't matter what notation program you use.  But it takes a lot of tweaking to the MIDI velocities to get a more realistic sound.  Adding a [i]little[/i] reverb helps too.  Doing this in a ";DAW"; program makes it easier, but it's possible in Finale.  Check for more info.  And above all, good writing is a must.
Thanks,but even when I hear everybody else's for the most part..there's sound better to me.
The sounds that you hear for the professionally-published works on this site are manipulated through complex audio sequencers, not notation programs.
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