Finale 2012 - Sounds without a template

I am working on a full marching band score, and I didn't use the VDL templates since there isn't one with winds/brass. However, The playback isn't work when I set it up like normal with a template.

Unlike with the template it is not on Bank 1, is there a way to change it in Kontact or is that not the problem?

The problem you're likely to encounter is the lack of percussion layouts with a non-template score. There is no wind/brass template primarily because VDL is a percussion product. It would be easier, in my mind, to use one of the other files available in the Finale template package from The Write Score. This is the reasoning behind the inclusion of the Default template. From this template file you can create a score file specifically for your ensemble. Rather than modify a score, create your own because the Default template includes the VDL percussion layouts.

With regards to playback, you will need to use the Score Manager to specify to which bank and midi channels all of your instruments are assigned. You can use both Aria player for winds and brass and Kontakt (full or player versions) in the same score.

Let us know if you still have questions or other problems.
I am having a similar problem. I am running Finale 2012 with VDL 2.5.5 and am having the hardest time with Percussion MIDI maps. The playback is weird with battery instruments, especially the snare line. All I get is a random dutting sound and a random clicking noise when I try to enter snare notes in Finale.

Why do we have to buy templates? That is just more money to spend. VDL and the Demystified video were expensive enough, so why can't there be a specific answer on how to fix the percussion MIDI maps as opposed to suggesting buying more things for this to work?

The Demystified video also doesn't play all of the videos correctly.
You are correct in that you do not need to buy the templates. Using the templates will save you hundreds of hours of time spent creating the percussion xml files (the percussion midi maps) and the percussion layouts. As well as having scores and parts formatted for printing, the text expressions for more detailed control of the VDL sounds, and text expressions for patch changes and the other controls for instrument changes specific to VDL.
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