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So my hard drive crashed and I'm in the process of loading things back on to my computer.  I know that the Download FAQ says that if something like this were to happen you would be able to re-download things that you have previously bought from Tapspace using the download code in your email and the Tapspace Downloader.  I'm not talking about music here, I understand that is different, I'm talking about the 2.5.5 update and ";Salutations"; and such.  I was able to get Demystified downloaded fine but none of the others will work.  I can't find the code anywhere on the emails that I received from Tapspace.  Help!

I";m using a Macbook Pro running mountain lion and all that jazz.
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The download code you received for the direct download version of VDL Demystified is a newer feature of our website and is only currently being used for that product and the direct download version of VDL. These products are quite large and use the Connect Installer to download and compile all the components.

For other downloadable titles like sheet music, the original download key is most likely expired. This is why we highly recommend you back up any sheet music purchases that you ordered as downloads as they're essentially treated as physical merchandise. If you need help with this, you can contact us through the site [url=]here[/url].
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